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This page is meant for supplementary information and anything else I feel like shoving here. This page has spoilers.

Back in April 2018 there was a relatively short discussion on isekaigen about an isekai concept where a 4channer gets trucked, and uses shitposting as his cheat ability. The discussion only went as far as to determine that the board in question would do different shit, like /k/ would spawn a sword or something, and the name Amon-ymous the Demon King of Shitposting was made up. I stole this general concept because I thought it was hilarious and expanded on it. On 4/20 /co/ got its 100m GET. The timing was good, so I used inspect element to edit the post so that it was taken by the MC. I wanted to use images of important shitposts the MC would make in the storytelling, and to create the message dialogue between MC and T. WordPress was the simplest way for me to heavily stylize a website in the style of Yotsuba B and use images as I saw fit. I’m also not sure if Royal Road or similar websites would have taken kindly to the slur-ridden dialect of the typical 4chan user. I found 4chan in 2005 because of an image source on YTMND, thanks YTMND I guess. Unlike MC however, I’m not an omniboarder and primarily post on /a/ and /v/. I’m doing heavy research on the different board’s histories of shitposting, but don’t be surprised if I get something wrong periodically. Archives only go back so far, and it’s hard to remember how to act like I’m in middle school posting on /b/ again. Thanks to all the minotaur posters that kept asking if I wrote my isekai yet.

This pastebin has the translated wingdings for post 3. WordPress doesn’t support wingdings so I just typed them out and captured the intended speech as images because I thought it was funny. You ever just put wingdings in your fucking isekai for an awful joke? Note that the final two words are intended to be boldface.

Side chapter 1(After Post 12): A Blooming Flower Acts as a Shameless Thief Link

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