Shitposting in Another World Post 7

Am I going fucking insane? If I can beg for a computer and get it, can I beg to go home instead? I navigate around the browser on the screen. There’s only one board. /b/ – Anime/Random. This is… this is literally launch 4chan. God, it looks so fucking ancient. What the hell is this? Did I also travel back in time? I head to the infantile /b/ and check the threads. These post numbers are literally in the thousands, it’s as if the website was created today. Strangely, the board proper looks like modern 4chan, though the style of the posts match the era it’s from. A fake? Suddenly, an echo sounds through my head. A piece of ancient history.

aim 2

I speak out loud accidentally, though nobody can hear me. Before I can collect my thoughts, the messages continue, and I type to reply to them.
aim 3
aim 4

The moment after I read that message, extreme pain wracks my body as electricity runs through the keyboard into my fingers. Try as I might, I can’t pull my hands off the keyboard, and I struggle to stay conscious. During the pain, information fills my mind. Profoundly useless information. Information that no sane man would want in almost any circumstance. I learn every single meme, every single shitposting trick, every last bit of (You) collecting tech developed over the past 15 years beyond what I already mastered. Then, the pain hits me again. Knowledge of futuristic and even more esoteric memetry fills my brain whether I want it or not. Shitposting techniques from the future. The pain stops, and I hear the AIM message sound again.

Before the feeling in my arms comes back so I could type a reply, Master T goes offline on AIM. I get the feeling that time won’t resume until I use my new powers, so I go back on /b/, and click to start a new thread.


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